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It is uncertain how long the Earth has played host to forces that fray the very bounds of science. Clearly, humanity has believed in miracles and magic, gods and demons, the immortal and the inhuman, since its earliest records.
To ancient minds, many have assumed that a god would be indistinguishable from any being of great power, and, as determined by Clarke’s Law, magic is indistinguishable from technology too advanced for current comprehension.
What is known is that, by the 20th century, the forces that would become known as metahumans had worked very hard to veil their existence in history, avoiding undue attention and allowing the passage of time to turn facts into myths.
Modern scholars believe that many otherwise inexplicable events can be explained via the machinations and shadow wars of some of these beings, but proof is as elusive today as it was at the time.

Yet one of these shadow wars proved that being more powerful than a normal human does not necessarily prove one wiser. Heirs to a presumably ancient order of warlocks, necromancers, and artificers, dubbing themselves the Thule Society, offered their assistance to the Axis powers in the second World War.
A Germany armed with a metahuman advantage, even one kept secret, was too overwhelming for rivals of the Thule society to permit. They privately announced their own existence to the leaders of the Allied forces. Moreover, they defied their traditional slowness of induction, using ancient arts to bestow super-human powers upon certain elite agents to contest the might of the Axis’ metahumans.

Protected by a competing cadre of super-powered individuals, the Allies won the war, rooting out and destroying as much of the Thule Society as possible in the process.
Things might have gone back to normal, with the metahuman benefactors of the war brokering deals to slip back into myth.
However, the induction of dozens of young men of heroic and patriotic disposition had a more resounding effect than initially expected.
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