Attractive, vivacious and deadly; only the foolish trifle with this femme fatale.


Silas’ mother is the ‘hot’ supervillain Malicia pl 10 gadgeteer, 60-point gadget pool, real name Selena Silverstein.
Malicia’s goal is to have money, power and respect. The violence is just a perk of the job; a very welcome perk, though, and one she is beginning to become more addicted to as the violence continues…

She has a Ph.D. in engineering, and most of her power comes from the gadgets she makes.

Her first partner-in-crime was Major Diehard pl10 anti-paragon, who generally mistreated her until he “overdosed” on horse adrenalin when Silas was five.
Also around this time, Silas’ father, an accountant with the city government named Rand McLaughlin, was murdered because he found something sensitive by Malicia’s arch-nemesis, Miss Match pl10 Mimic.
Years after this fight, her current side-kick, Nefaratrix pl6 Teleport Mage, joined her quest, helping her to finally defeat Miss Match; un able to finally kill her, she was instead incarcerated in Alcatraz Super-maximum prison specially designed to hold meta-humans of all types, controlled by MSI.



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