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Today, downtown City central, The Mayor announces his intention to institute a ‘Hero Holiday’, beginning the following week on the same day.

Meanwhile, in the college district, ┬áCity scientists have discovered an un heard of portal to a “plane where condensate matter happens only on a mono-cellular level”, according to one source.

On a lighter note, local hero Fluttershy was again spotted delighting crowds at a local football game, performing many stunning aerial maneuvers before the game was able to resume.

More to follow…

Local professor Dr. Lothar Jules, is being sought by City Police for attempted Tax Evasion. Anyone with information leading to his capture is encouraged to contact police immediately as he is considered armed and dangerous.
Asked for comment, authorities only stated “Charges have been pending for a while, but in this current political climate, the financial impact was our first and primary consideration. The fact that the suspect owes the City over three million dollars was only a minor factor.”

In other news, the South City Paragons defeated reigning champions The East-Side Rebels 7 to 0, after an impromptu appearance by local hero Fluttershy had distracted both teams, the Paragons having recovered composure faster. Next week, the North-Men will face the Paragons, in a semi-final match that is sure to be a thrill for fans of all ages!

Also next week, The Mayor will appear at the Paragon’s stadium, officially starting the first Hero Holiday! Events will include a public meet-and-greet with some of the City’s local Heroes, informal meetings with local businesses and a parade!
Stay tuned for more details as and when they become available.

The College remains closed this week, authorities stating that “Due to the unstable nature of the portal found last week, we cannot allow any public access at this time. We hope to have the situation resolved soon, with some assistance from Dr. Jules’ associates and City scientists.”
Students have been asked to use internet-based courses this week, many opting for a long, long, long weekend instead.


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