Answers from Helga

Character motivation (what makes you a hero/villain?):

To publicly humiliate every person of authority in the city to make up for the way the political world mocked her.
Name/outline three friends from your characters past (special friends, contacts, co-workers, etc):

Professor Jules has long been an interested mentor and special friend to Helga, helping her to achieve her goals, with a little judicious prompting, of course.

Name/outline at least one enemy (everyone has at least one..):

Pyroplex, of course, and The Mayor !
It was his P.R. machine that slandered Helga as she attempted to bring real change to politics in the city and destroyed her self esteem, making her swear revenge. To be fair, he’s lucky he didn’t upset a genuine threat to his person… But he should fear for his approval rating once it’s known he’s part of a super villain origin story!

How do you know the other characters (at least one of them; you share some contacts/friends/enemies?):

Knows the other PCs as a part of the same science class. (Professor Lothar Jules’ chemistry class.)
Any family of note/famous (just who and why, I’ll take care of the rest..):

Not really, her mom and dad run a  bread bakery. It’s really good bread.
“Ze bread of ze people!”

Answers from Helga

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