Answers from Silas

 Character motivation: Silas’ motivation at this point is conflicted. Though he is lazy, he also has some pent-up resentment over the continuing and (in his mind at least) unwarranted politial harassment of his mother which he enjoys acting on.

Name/outline three friends from characters past: 
Necromantic (PL6 Sorcerer, minor villain) AKA Theodore Roswend – Silas’ best friend. They have known each other since they met in high school, where they were the only goths.
Shockguard (PL6 Electricity manipulator, minor hero) AKA Rainier Landon – One of Silas’ first roommates. They got the exact same scholarship in their first year and ended up roommates as a result, and the situation stuck.
Nefaratrix – Silas’ mother’s sidekick. She is like a second (meaner) mother or an older sister to him; they bicker constantly, and she tries to hog Malicia’s attention. She seems to almost resent his ’ interference’..

Name/outline at least one enemy:
Grandfather Clock (PL10 Time Controller, Licensed Hero) AKA Dr. Maximillian Values -  A conservative hero/council member who frequently uses Malicia as a punching bag for his smear campaigns and constantly harasses her with legal issues.
His army of clockwork automatons are known as Dollfaces, and have been known to successfully protect banks, museums and other city property from super-villain criminal predations.
Ann Encephaly – Necromantic (Ted)‘s ’nemesis’ although she has no super-powers or abilities. She hates him for no apparent reason (she harbors a secret crush for him) and causes trouble around the school for Silas just to “inconvenience” Ted by proxy.

How do you know the other characters (at least one of them):
Silas knows both of them from his chemistry lab, taught by Professor Jules where they did an extra credit assignment together which turned them into elementals.

Any family of note/famous:
Malicia – Silas’ mother. She is a reasonably powerful villainess who, due to it being the 80’s when she began her career, had to rely on her incredible looks to work her way up through the ranks of evil. Though she has a degree in engineering, she is, at 45, still attractive enough to make most uptight republicans angry. Malicia is headstrong, impetuous and brash, but she and her son have a lot of love for each other. Silas often acts more like the parent, though, sometimes having to reign in his mothers more violent impulses.

Answers from Silas

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