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The powerful attacks of heroes and villains oftern send their opponents flying through the air.
To simulate this, any time a character hits an opponent in melee combat, forcing them to make a damage save, he has the option of knocking him away – with this option the knockback takes place even if a Hero Point is used to stop the damage through a reroll, making knockback an inconvenience rather than another damaging attack.

The target moves straight back (in the direction of the attack). The total distance is equal to the attack’s damage bonus, minus the target’s Amazing Save (Damage) bonus plus any ranks in Immovability, knockback resistance or the difference between size categories, multiplied by 5 feet.

If the knockbacked opponent strikes a solid surface or large object with hardness less than the attack’s damage bonus, he goes flying through it the remaining distance.
If the surface’s hardness is equal to the attack’s damage bonus, it is only dented or marred.
If greater than the damage bonus, the character stops there and the surface is unharmed; prone, but unharmed (feats/powers notwithstanding).

The target takes no additional damage from the knockback (its just a special effect) unless knocked back into something dangerous like a live power cable, vat of acid, off a tall building, or the like, which would then result in additional saves.


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